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Staying Safe During the Mongol Rally

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The Mongol Rally is one of the most famous car rallies in the world. It is an amazing experience, with people from all over the world travelling to Mongolia to take part. It used to end in Mongolia, but now actually continues into Ulan Ude in Russia. There are some rules for entering the Mongol Rally, which you need to know before considering taking part: You need to raise money for charity. Each team has to raise £1,000 at least. Racing in public spaces is not legal and you must abide by the law at all times The car you use has to be 1200cc or below. The rally is organised by an organisation called The Adventurists, who organise events and adventures all over the world. They describe it as the greatest motoring adventure on the planet, with hundreds of teams entering it each year. The rally covers 10,000 miles in total, across various terrains within different countries. Most teams start out in the UK and head across Europe, though others also start out in the Czech Republic. There is no doubt that the Mongol Rally is an amazing experience for the vast majority of people who take part. There…