Is Travelling in South America Safe?

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    Some parts of South America have got themselves a bad reputation for safety. Places like Brazil and Colombia can often leave people a little nervous about their safety. Yet there are some stunning things to see there, so you don’t want to avoid these places based on fear. Here are some points to consider on safety in South America:

    • There are some very unsafe areas – but you find these in most parts of the world. Don’t let it put you off.
    • Be vigilant at all times. Carry valuable in a money belt rather than in a backpack. Always be on the lookout for anybody acting suspiciously and keep a close eye on your possessions.
    • Research the areas you are visiting. Certain parts of cities have a bad reputation. Avoid these, especially at night.
    • Don’t go to anywhere too quiet. If the people suddenly disappear or you feel uneasy trust your instinct. Something probably isn’t right.

    Some Ways to Minimise your Impact on the Environment When Travelling

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    Going on holiday or a travel adventure can be damaging for the environment. The air travel, the car fumes, the activities you choose to do… they can all have consequences for animals and the environment. If you are going to travel in the most environmentally-friendly way possible, here are some thoughts to consider:

    • Travel on public transport. Buses and trains and much better for the environment than lots of cars. This helps to reduce harmful emissions.
    • Stay in eco lodges or hotels. Research them first and see how good their green credentials really are. Check for things like how they collect their water and the activities they offer.
    • Walk as much as you can. Why not walk rather than taking transport? You will see more of the country you are visiting.
    • Research activities first. Make sure the company you are using is reputable and isn’t going to be harming the environment.

    Essential Travel Advice When Visiting a Foreign Country

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    Travelling is very rewarding and gratifying activity. It offers excitement, independence and a whole new world of discovery. Below are foreign travel advice you should heed when travelling abroad.

    Making a copy of your passport before an overseas trip can save you from trouble on your vacation. If you eventually lose your passport while travelling internationally, you can take the duplicate to your embassy. Possessing a copy is useful as it helps expedite obtaining a replacement thus ensuring you are not stranded in a foreign country. (more…)

    Be Aware of These Foreign Travel Tips For a World Tour

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    Travelling anywhere in the world is not just exciting but very exploratory and a learning process. Many times visitors encounter many problems at the time of the travel, but that hasn’t stopped anyone from repeating it. Below are some of the foreign travel advisories that will narrow down those complications.

    Get your Papers in Order.

    All the travellers need passports, visas and other important documents. They should always carry IDs and other identification papers.It is good to be in touch with the State Department because you will get help in case of an emergency.
    If you are travelling to foreign countries, then there are different agencies which you must check and get information on how to contact who and where in the case of emergency.

    Be Aware of the Political Situation in the Country.

    Be sure to check the current situation of the country before you go there. Some countries may be going under political disturbance situation. Such information can be read on local newspaper or can be seen on the local news channel.

    Travelling to South Holland

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    Depending on where you’re travelling from within Great Britain, you can usually get a really good deal on flights to Holland. Whether you’re flying with easy Jet from Luton, KLM from Birmingham, or another Airliner from one of the London Airports, you are bound to find something that suits your budget and has flights available around the date and time you wish to travel.

    Once you book your holiday and arrive at Schiphol airport you can go anywhere in Holland thanks to the flexible and reliable train system that connects to all the major cities, or has links to buses to the places the trains don’t go. A word to the wise though, if you are travelling to Holland and wish to get on the busses be aware that they have no cash or ticket system, and you have to use a smart card instead; you can usually purchase these cards from a help desk in the train station, or at a travel desk, and even at the local Albert Heijn, though it’s helpful that you speak Dutch if your planning on doing this further away in the smaller towns last minute, as English will be less spoken.

    Holland is known as a country of bikes and the smaller towns have cleaner streets and the Dutch show pride in what they do. Also, their road systems are an amalgamation of Dutch, British and Americanised systems, so it has a quirky look.

    Never use taxis as a foreigner in Holland, especially if you don’t speak any Dutch as they are usually unreliable and when they are available they will overcharge you by taking you the long way around the city; as a plus, you get to see the sights, though.