Picking a Destination for an Extended Trip

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    An extended trip is an exciting prospect, whether you’ve travelled the world or this is your first adventure. What is always key is getting the destination just right. You will need to make sure you pick somewhere that has plenty to offer and will adhere to your interests, so that you can really make the most of your trip and enjoy every moment.

    When researching destinations, it’s always a good idea to think about what you enjoy doing. Make a list – it could be anything, from going to beautiful beaches to walking, hiking and spotting wildlife. You can then research parts of the world that correspond to this.

    Another major consideration is budget. If you want to travel for a long time, then think about sports that are going to be more budget friendly. There is also the option of working as you go if you set your heart on somewhere more pricey.

    Going on Holiday – the Best Times to Travel

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    If you want to go on holiday, there are destinations that can suit you throughout the year. Winter sun isn’t so hard to get with the availability of budget flights and reasonable accommodation, and good transport can help you reach destinations more quickly. Whenever you are travelling, there will always be some deals to be had. Here are some things to think about:

    • If you can, travel outside of the school holidays. If this isn’t possible because you have children or work in a school, carry out price comparisons to find the right deal for you. There will still be lower cost options – you just need to find them.
    • Spend some researching the weather in your destination. For example, Thailand is a great winter sun option, but if you go at the wrong time, you will be affected by monsoon season.
    • Travel last minute. Book something at the last minute and be open to options!

    All-Inclusive Holidays – Yes or No?

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    An all-inclusive holiday can be a far easier option for people going on holiday. They will include accommodation, food and often transportation as well. The accommodation might be the flights, the transfer to the accommodation upon arrival, or both.

    All-inclusive can be a good way to travel if you are looking for a relaxing break. You won’t have to think about anything once you arrive, as the basics will already be covered. If you want to do any other activities, you can simply book them in without having to question what you will do for food or transport.

    The trouble with all inclusive is the lack of freedom it might give you. If you have children, they may get bored staying in the hotel and using its facilities. However, if everything is paid for there, you may be reluctant to spend more money going out and about. A compromise could be to go half board.


    Packing a Backpack for your First Travel Adventure

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    That first step into transitioning from holidays to travelling is scary. How is it going to be different? Will it be as much fun? How is it possible to budget? One of the first steps is to make sure you are packing well and taking the right things with you.

    Make sure you have the right backpack in the first place – this one is essential. Choose a backpack that is easy for you to carry, or it will just become too difficult to take around with you. If it means getting  smaller one, you will just have to manage. It is much more important to have a backpack that is easy to manage.

    Next, make sure you have a concise list. Research your travel destinations thoroughly so you know what to expect with the weather. Take appropriate clothes and make sure you have any medication you need, like anti malarials.

    How to Take the Stress out of a Holiday

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    A holiday should be something fun for
    everyone. However, we all know it just isn’t always that simple, especially if you are going away with children. Here are some tips for a stress-free trip:

    Travel with as little as possible. You will enjoy yourself much more if you are not weighed down by luggage.

    Plan, but not too much. You should have a good idea about what you can do and how to get around. Play it by ear a little bit as well though, as it’s more fun that way.

    Make sure you do what you want to do. There are many options for activities in various countries. Pick the ones you want and be single minded about it.

    Be organised. Buy what you need to and have plenty of things like medication and toiletries. You don’t want to have to be wondering when you will next be near a shop.