City Breaks to Historic Bath

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    The summer is here and the weather is great, why not take some time away during the weekend for a city break in historic Bath.

    Whether your looking for an exciting weekend away with lots of places to see and explore such as iconic visitor attractions like Stonehenge or  Longleat Safari Park, or a foodie looking to indulge yourself on a range of different foods and drinks at the many food and drink establishments dotted around the city, or places to sit and enjoy a tea or coffee surrounded with some truly beautiful Georgian architecture, or maybe a beauty queen looking for a luxury spa retreat where you can relax and be pampered, Bath can offer the ideal weekend break for you.

    Perhaps your looking for the whole package and really want to let go and have fun for a couple of days, so why not book a hotel for two nights then hop on a train Friday night and have an exciting get away in Bath for the weekend.

    Affordable Stress-Free Weekend Breaks

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    When you need to get away but don’t have time during the week, and/or you are on a tight budget, it might be worth staying within the same county (depending on where you live) and look around for places in the countryside that you can stay for the weekend.

    You can rent a log cabin for a couple of days on a farm in places like Rutland if you live within the Leicestershire area, and relax in a tranquil setting away from all the noise and stress of daily life; if you want to rent out a holiday cottage you may be subject to a minimum stay of about 7 day’s, so be aware of that.

    Or maybe you want somewhere by the sea, and you can stay at a B&B for a couple of day’s and spend time walking on the beach at night, and seeing the sights during the day. Also a good suggestion is to visit one of the local cafes during the quiet hour when they first open and relax over a great cup of tea or coffee, maybe even having something for breakfast also.

    It’s always best to find the most quiet places that cater to your needs, or a more visited location you love out of season when it’s cheaper to stay.

    Biking and Hiking Holiday

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    Great Britain has a lot to offer, and if your feeling fit and active then going for a biking and hiking holiday across the vast and beautiful landscapes of this fine country would be an ideal holiday for you.

    On your bike you can truly appreciate the great views and stop to see the small towns and cities along the way depending on the route your taking to get to where you want to be.

    By taking a lightweight compact pop-up tent you can stop and pitch your tent wherever your brave enough to set up; if you think smart you will take only the essentials with you as you travel, and stock up with the stuff you need to eat and drink for a few day’s at the local shops of the towns you pass though.

    Once you reach your destination you can hike up the hills and trails and take in the breathtaking views from the mountains, see the vast countryside, glance at the lakes and more.

    The best thing about a biking and hiking holiday is that you set your own pace and go wherever you want without restrictions, for as long as your stamina and drive keeps going; make sure to save enough and plan well though for the different environments of places like Scotland and Wales.

    Should You Travel Abroad Or Local Holiday?

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    With recent political events that divided half the country people are worrying too much about things that may never happen and the effect of their actions by not doing something or panic buying is only going to make things worse; perhaps it’s time for a nice holiday somewhere out the way.

    The question now is whether you travel abroad or find some place nice here that’s out the way of people, and just make the most of it. It’s probably best to have a holiday locally and give people peace of mind that everything is still ok at the same time.

    Where you go really depends on budget and the type of holiday you are looking for, such as a quite cottage by the sea or in the country, something for the weekend by the sea; or a yurt in the forest; you may even decide you want a family holiday over the weekend, which would be great because the weather has been so nice lately and not too hold either.

    So go on, take a local break and clear your mind for a few day’s or more.

    Weekend Breaks For Those With Zero Hour Contracts

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    We all love holidays, and when we can we want to get away for a couple of weeks and just escape from the norm and forget about our daily woes; just kick back relax and be free for a short while. But with the rise of Zero-Hour contracts in hospitality and retail type roles, and constantly changing and rotating schedules it’s not always going to be easy to get time off.

    If you have worked in retail, or a hotel for more than a few years then it might be possible to get other members of staff to cover for you during your time away, for upto a week or two. But if it’s less than that, your more likely to be refused any holiday’s and you probably did not read your contract, as it may state that you are limited to the number of day’s you can take off. If this is the case then you will only get about 3 days off at a push and will almost certainly have to agree to cover somebody else’s shift if they have to cover yours whilst you are away.

    Don’t be discouraged if you are stuck in one of those awful contracts with a minimum number of hours to work each week, as you can still get time off and go for a short weekend break away and just let loose during that limited time and make the most of it.

    Secret Escapes website have some really great weekend breaks away throughout Great Britain, and better yet they even have a 70% sale on at the moment, so it’s a really good time to start planning and booking a nice short break weekend holiday.