Weekend Breaks For Those With Zero Hour Contracts

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Weekend Breaks For Those With Zero Hour Contracts

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We all love holidays, and when we can we want to get away for a couple of weeks and just escape from the norm and forget about our daily woes; just kick back relax and be free for a short while. But with the rise of Zero-Hour contracts in hospitality and retail type roles, and constantly changing and rotating schedules it’s not always going to be easy to get time off.

If you have worked in retail, or a hotel for more than a few years then it might be possible to get other members of staff to cover for you during your time away, for upto a week or two. But if it’s less than that, your more likely to be refused any holiday’s and you probably did not read your contract, as it may state that you are limited to the number of day’s you can take off. If this is the case then you will only get about 3 days off at a push and will almost certainly have to agree to cover somebody else’s shift if they have to cover yours whilst you are away.

Don’t be discouraged if you are stuck in one of those awful contracts with a minimum number of hours to work each week, as you can still get time off and go for a short weekend break away and just let loose during that limited time and make the most of it.

Secret Escapes website have some really great weekend breaks away throughout Great Britain, and better yet they even have a 70% sale on at the moment, so it’s a really good time to start planning and booking a nice short break weekend holiday.