Going on Glamping Holiday

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Going on Glamping Holiday

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Glamping (Glamorous Camping) is a type of camping in pre-fabricated tents or Yurts on a fixed camping site; sometimes they are in trees.

Usually Glamping accommodation will include most of the usual stuff you would find in a hotel room, including lighting and a solid based floor, though there won’t be a bathroom inside the tent/yurt and Glampers will have to travel to a central amenities block for showering and using the bathroom.

Be aware of sites that pop up at random locations with the yurts, as they may not have good facilities due to their pop up anywhere nature; you may find yourself in a very open shower block that’s exposed to the elements with water that might not be hot or warm.

On some sites they will have a local shop, which is probably going a portable truck of some sort if the site regularly moves around. In other instances the site may be on a local camping ground or country park and there will a series of fixed based shops for that site.

There may be some options available for self-contained pop up pre-fab units with a small kitchen area, bathroom (with a similar water and septic tank system like an R.V), bedroom/central space, though they may be costly and the location remote and far away from anything; designed as the perfect get away from civilisation.