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Biking and Hiking Holiday

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Great Britain has a lot to offer, and if your feeling fit and active then going for a biking and hiking holiday across the vast and beautiful landscapes of this fine country would be an ideal holiday for you.

On your bike you can truly appreciate the great views and stop to see the small towns and cities along the way depending on the route your taking to get to where you want to be.

By taking a lightweight compact pop-up tent you can stop and pitch your tent wherever your brave enough to set up; if you think smart you will take only the essentials with you as you travel, and stock up with the stuff you need to eat and drink for a few day’s at the local shops of the towns you pass though.

Once you reach your destination you can hike up the hills and trails and take in the breathtaking views from the mountains, see the vast countryside, glance at the lakes and more.

The best thing about a biking and hiking holiday is that you set your own pace and go wherever you want without restrictions, for as long as your stamina and drive keeps going; make sure to save enough and plan well though for the different environments of places like Scotland and Wales.