Affordable Stress-Free Weekend Breaks

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Affordable Stress-Free Weekend Breaks

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When you need to get away but don’t have time during the week, and/or you are on a tight budget, it might be worth staying within the same county (depending on where you live) and look around for places in the countryside that you can stay for the weekend.

You can rent a log cabin for a couple of days on a farm in places like Rutland if you live within the Leicestershire area, and relax in a tranquil setting away from all the noise and stress of daily life; if you want to rent out a holiday cottage you may be subject to a minimum stay of about 7 day’s, so be aware of that.

Or maybe you want somewhere by the sea, and you can stay at a B&B for a couple of day’s and spend time walking on the beach at night, and seeing the sights during the day. Also a good suggestion is to visit one of the local cafes during the quiet hour when they first open and relax over a great cup of tea or coffee, maybe even having something for breakfast also.

It’s always best to find the most quiet places that cater to your needs, or a more visited location you love out of season when it’s cheaper to stay.