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How to Travel Abroad Safely

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Travelling abroad is always riskier than being in a safe country where you know your environment. Travelling to certain locations abroad will carry more inherent risks, due to the nature of the place that you are travelling to. If it is a place where there are riots, protests, political unrest or severe deprivation, there are more risks likely to be encountered. If you are travelling to somewhere that has poor relations with the UK, or if you actually know that it is a warzone before travelling, or there is a very high risk of terrorism, then these are all significant risk factors that need to form part of the decision on whether or not to travel. If you do need to travel to a high risk location, here are some tips to stay safe: Be vigilant at all times. Always be aware of your surroundings. Take a travel safety course and learn tips to stay safe. Complete a risk assessment before travelling.