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Is Travelling in South America Safe?

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Some parts of South America have got themselves a bad reputation for safety. Places like Brazil and Colombia can often leave people a little nervous about their safety. Yet there are some stunning things to see there, so you don’t want to avoid these places based on fear. Here are some points to consider on safety in South America: There are some very unsafe areas – but you find these in most parts of the world. Don’t let it put you off. Be vigilant at all times. Carry valuable in a money belt rather than in a backpack. Always be on the lookout for anybody acting suspiciously and keep a close eye on your possessions. Research the areas you are visiting. Certain parts of cities have a bad reputation. Avoid these, especially at night. Don’t go to anywhere too quiet. If the people suddenly disappear or you feel uneasy trust your instinct. Something probably isn’t right.