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Health Advice for Travel to India

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India has been growing in popularity as a tourist destination over the last decade or so. It is vital to make sure that routine vaccinations are up to date and that travellers are protected against hepatitis, tetanus, typhoid and malaria which are common in many areas of India. Most people will take a small first aid kit on holiday just so they have a ready and easily accessible supply of plasters and antiseptic cream for any small cuts and grazes and paracetamol for some pain relief. However, do not travel to India without taking some kind of tropical strength DEET based insect repellent. If you do get bitten, then apply cooling bite cream to relieve the itchiness. A course of diarrhoea treatment tablets and re-hydration tablets are also recommended additions to the first aid kit. Hopefully, they won’t be used but, if they are needed, then they are easily available to hand.