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Saving Money for Travelling

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If you’re looking to travel for several months or a year, you’re going to need to budget wisely. It can take a lot of determination to save for travelling, but of course the amount, depends on how far you’re travelling and the countries you’re going to be spending time in. If you’re heading over to Thailand, Burma or Mongolia, then you’ll be happy to hear that living costs are cheap, and whilst flights may be rather pricy, you can get around on trains, and actually live off £5 per week. There are many hotels and hostels with decent facilities, whist food is remarkably cheap. Countries like America, New Zealand, Canada and Australia tend to be a bit more on the expensive side, and you may have to save a significant amount, especially if you’re looking to spend time in a quality hotel or apartments in cities and built up towns. Make sure you put thought into the amount you need, and keep to a money-saving plan.